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    Metaforyou offers unique immersive interactive theatre services

    for clients from personal private events to large brand activations.


    We’re the immersive party boosting company. 


    Our team has years of unparalleled experience working and performing in acclaimed immersive interactive theatrical shows and installations, and we use these skills and talent contacts to provide similar experiences through talent custom catered to any event.

  • content

    Amazing things happen when people experience immersive theater.

    They are suddenly awakened into the now, into being present, into this singular precious moment which will never be repeated.


    We have created characters, storylines and interactive games for activations and events to help clients create engaging and memorable moments for their guests to experience within their happening.

    We are excited to help you create the right custom content for your project.

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    We know immersive interactive, and understand how the dynamics of this form exist in every event and occasion. Much of the magic of immersive relies on proper world building and specific audience instruction, and we know how to effectively apply this to any event. If you already have an immersive interactive project, or would like to incorporate these dynamics into your event, our team is experienced and adept at training and troubleshooting to enhance these dynamics, and help make your event run smoother, boost depth, and be more engaging and compelling.


    Our team at #metaforyou are all experienced creators – and participants -- within the immersive theater scene in Los Angeles. Actors, writers, and directors who have experienced the joy that comes with these special, unique moments in immersive productions, and can bring their unique appreciation and knowledge to help your project.

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